FLASHBACK: Hillary Laughs About Her Defense Of A Child Rapist

Remember this the next time you see one of Hillary’s advertisements about how she’s spent thirty years fighting for children. I’ve heard the audio of this. It is more disturbing than reading the quotes.

As a 27-year old Arkansas lawyer, Hillary Rodham took the case of Thomas Alfred Taylor, a 41-year old man accused of raping 12-year old Kathy Shelton.

What was Rodham’s defense strategy? Destroy the young girl’s credibility.

According to court documents, Hillary wrote that the 12-year old was “emotionally unstable” and had a “tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing.”

“I have also been told by an expert in child psychology that children in early adolescence tend to exaggerate or romanticize sexual experiences and that adolescents in disorganized families, such as the complainant’s, are even more prone to exaggerate behavior,” Clinton wrote in a court affidavit.

Despite considerable evidence, including witness testimony and forensic evidence Hillary managed to have blocked, the charges against Taylor reduced to ‘unlawful fondling of a minor’, and the man served less than a year in prison.

In 2014, the Washington Free Beacon unearthed an audio cassette of an interview from the 1980s in which Hillary Clinton discussed the case at length. During the interview with Arkansas reporter Roy Reed, Clinton actually discusses the strength of the evidence she had dismissed through a technicality.

“You know, what was sad about it,” Clinton told Reed, “was that the prosecutor had evidence, among which was [Taylor’s] underwear, which was bloody.”

Clinton, who was the first lady of Arkansas at the time of the interview, also acknowledges that she believed Taylor was guilty and laughed when she discussed his passing of a polygraph test.

“I had him take a polygraph, which he passed – which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs,” Clinton said with a chuckle.

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