How to Spot Satire and Not Pass it Around as Truth

“This behavior is unacceptable,” the Libertarian Presidential nominee said. “The East Koreans are making us look like idiots.”

Source: Gary Johnson Vows to Get Tough on East Korea – The New Yorker

So this article is making the rounds right now, and a few people sent it to me because I’m the closest thing to a resident libertarian. I’m not Gary Johnson’s biggest supporter after hearing some of the stances he and his vice presidential pick have, but people rarely pay attention when you say words and they’ve already decided who they want you to be.

Anyway, the article was usually accompanied by some snide remark about him really being a viable candidate.

My reply has been, “Here, let me finish reading that for you!”

From the bottom of the article:


The article is… fake!

This is becoming more and more of a problem. For several reasons:

  1. People so staunchly support “their candidate” that anything bad that is written about any opposition must be true, and they refuse to research it even slightly. This one didn’t even require you to leave the article!
  2. People read headlines, assume what the article is about, and run with it. They do that with people, too.
  3. No one seems to be able to engage their “BS meter” which should go off pretty hard and loud on a lot of things like quotes and articles like this.

If you’ve been here any amount of time, you know this has become a pet peeve of mine. It does not help your side when you push BS. It hurts it even worse when people point out it is BS with the proof and you continue to ignore it, pushing it as truth. And I don’t care what side it is on. There is an entire article on this very blog where I defended Diane Feinstein when a false quote was being attributed to her and passed around like it was the honest to God truth. And when I point it out, people don’t correct it; they just reply with “Well, it sounds like something she would say!” Yes, it does. But she didn’t. And that is the point.

The irony of this one being passed around is that people are making fun of him for apparently not knowing what’s going on around him… when they don’t know what’s going around them. Satire pages have grown in popularity, so the point that legit publications allow satire articles in as a point of humor, which is what this article is.

There is a fight to be won. There is always a fight to be won. This isn’t how you win it. Know what is going on around you. Do your own research, tune up that BS meter, and keep your head level. This kind of thing isn’t helping… it’s making us all look like fools.


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