Anyone Notice Hillary Is Selling Socialism?

Just look at her disguised calls for socialism, starting with her presidential face-off against Donald Trump on Sept. 26, where her main theme, in a word, seemed to be  “fairness.” She swept through her mantra of platforms with short thrusts and parries at Trump’s comparative wealth and wealthy upbringing by telling a tale of middle-class youth with a cloth manufacturing father before transitioning into a call for “fair” trade, then for a “fair” tax system, then for “fair” growth.

“I want to raise taxes on the wealthy,” she said at one point. “We need fairness.”

Fast-forward a week or so to Toledo, Ohio, where Clinton delivered more of the same, characterizing this election as a chance to “level the playing field” for all Americans.

Among her remarks?

“Corporations that benefit from everything that America has to offer should feel some sense of responsibility, not just to their biggest shareholders, but to their workers, to their customers, to their communities, and yes, to our country, to the United States of America,” she said.

And this: “Our goal is to make it easier for everyone to do better.”

And this, a vow for her administration, if elected: “Wall Street [will] start paying their fair share of taxes.”

Full article: Anyone Notice Hillary Is Selling Socialism? | LifeZette

Of course we noticed. But here’s the thing… we’re not really being gamed. At least not in the fact that Hillary is going socialist. She’s certainly playing us. But she’s not hiding this aspect or covering it up. Let me explain.

  1. The people fell for socialism hook, line, and sinker. Look how far Bernie got, and he wasn’t trying to hide his socialism. This was the first time I have ever seen so many people go so hard for a candidate that wanted to destroy their country and their way of life because they were promised free stuff – even though it wouldn’t come. People fought hard for Bernie. They cried. They screamed. They’re still crying and screaming. And they will argue with you until they are blue in the face about how socialism will work this time. They’ve always been there, and they always will be. But this go around, there was an alarming quantity of them. They weren’t on the fringes, banished to the sidelines of ultra extremism. They became mainstream.
  2. The Bernie people are like the Never Trumpers. They are willing to give away their country and their ideals because they didn’t get exactly what they want and have decided that if the other side wins we’ll learn our lesson (even if it means irreversible damage, which makes their protest a mute point). There is a good chance a lot of the Bernie people will sit this election out. By pushing socialism, Hillary would gain more power with that ideology, and possibly draw those people in off the sidelines to give her a shot by actually going to the polls. To someone like Hillary, socialism sounds great. She’s not in it for the people. She’s in it for the power. And socialism wouldn’t effect her, other than giving her more power than just being a democrat ever could.
  3. Hillary isn’t hiding her socialist side. She publicly agreed to enact some of what Bernie wanted – probably more than we know about – if he endorsed her. So we can pick apart as many quotes from her as we want to. She already said she was game for some of Bernie’s socialist ideas. And again.. see number 2 for why.



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