Trump Can Learn from VP Debate

“I think [Trump] can learn a lot from Mike Pence about the pivot, which is something you have to do in these debate settings. You can’t stay on whatever the moderator wants you to answer. You have to move to your points.”

Byron York, the Chief Political Correspondent for the Washington Examiner, told Ingraham the next debate for Trump will be his “last chance” to make up for his rough first performance.

“Remember we were saying that about the first debate, that it was so critical and Trump has this huge opportunity. It is a one-time opportunity. Well, it was kind of a one-time opportunity, but I do think he has another chance,” York said, noting that President Obama made a magnificent comeback in his second debate during his 2012 bid for reelection after suffering a crushing defeat in the first one to then-GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

“It’s possible he could have another chance. But he has to be better, and to do that, he has to have been working this last week or so on a lot of this traditional stuff,” York said.

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Yeah, I’m sorry, but if Donald wants to win the next debate, he needs to do some hard practice with Pence. He needs to perform better at this one.

Now, Hillary had her answers memorized. I’m not saying she was fed the questions. Maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t, I have no evidence either way, so I can’t say. But I am certain she at least figured on topics that would be asked about and she memorized responses. Her answers to every question sounded far too practiced and too well put together to be off the cuff. Hillary isn’t that spontaneous or good on her feet. Obama is a better speaker than her, and even he doesn’t sound as polished as she did.

I’m not sure Trump can compete with memorized answers, which I am sure she will come to the next podium with as well. But he has to do better than he did last time. And he has to be prepared to be questioned on things like his taxes. While Hillary’s odds of being asked about Benghazi or her email server or any of her other myriad scandals is low, Trump will get questioned about any misstep he has ever taken. So he needs to be prepared with a good, straight answer about the time he farted in a bathroom 150 miles from the White House and how that could be construed as racist.

And he needs to practice how Pence handled himself. Kaine interrupted Pence over 70 times during that debate and kept himself together. He ended up looking like he had some class, and left Kaine looking like the nut case he is. Trump needs to practice this. He needs to come out looking better spoken, and leave Hillary looking like she memorized her answers instead of being genuine.



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