Hillary’s Shameless Storm Chasing

14611049_10154293752572550_3784995863632386905_nThe Democratic presidential nominee was hoping to generate momentum in the media before Sunday night’s debate. But then Hurricane Matthew came along.

The Category 4 hurricane is expected to pummel Florida’s east coast with winds of up to 140 mph and gusts of up to 165 mph.

The story on Thursday morning was all over the news, sucking time away from the presidential candidates. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, whose second home is Palm Beach County, doesn’t seem bothered by the distraction.

But Clinton seems very concerned the attention the hurricane is getting could take away from momentum she is trying to build, especially in Florida. So Clinton did what Clinton does best — she bought ads touting her campaign in order to capitalize on the natural disaster.

Politico reported that Clinton bought $63,000 worth of ads on the Weather Channel, which sees a surge in viewership when hurricanes or very bad weather threaten the United States. The ads will target Florida in particular.

Full article: Hillary’s Shameless Storm Chasing | LifeZette

Yep. A cat. 4 hurricane is hurdling towards your home… what’s the first thing you think of? More political ads, right? And you are out of state but tuning in because you are worried about your fellow citizens in Florida. Here’s Hillary! Again!

To be fair, a lot of political ads will most likely be aired on the Weather Channel during this storm because no one knows when the heck to cool it. But I’m highly doubting any of those ads are going to sway minds during all of this because people are worried about something else.

But no one has ever accused Hillary and her ilk of having too much class.


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