Tim Kaine: I’m Proud of Infringing on Your Second Amendment Rights

Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine is doubling down on his anti-gun rhetoric from Tuesday’s vice presidential debate, even taking to social media to say he’s proud of his record of infringing on the Second Amendment.

I’m a gun owner, I’m a strong Second Amendment supporter, but I’ve got a lot of scar tissue because when I was governor of Virginia there was a horrible shooting at Virginia Tech. And we learned that, through that painful situation, that gaps in the background record system should have been closed and that could have prevented that crime. So we’re going work to do things like close background record checks and if we do, we won’t have the tragedies that we did.

We know there are gaps in the background check system. NRA’s CEO, Wayne LaPierre, has said time and again that there are holes in the background check system because 38 states provide only 80 percent of their criminal convictions and gun owners have pushed to address and correct them. Which democrats refuse to do.

Moreover, the shooting at Virginia Tech, Kaine fails to acknowledge, took place in a gun-free zone, and the shooter was only allowed to continue his spree because there was no one there equipped to stop him. The NRA has also addressed this by saying every school, from elementary playgrounds to college campuses, should have armed guards and/or faculty and students allowed to campus carry.

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