Obama Compares Trump Supporters to Racists of the Past

In a column titled, arrogantly enough, “The Way Ahead,” Obama asserts the current moment “reflects any number of eras in which Americans were told they could restore past glory if they just got some group or idea that was threatening America under control.” He adds, “We overcame those fears and we will again.”

Full article: Obama Compares Trump Supporters to Racists of the Past | LifeZette

Good news, everyone! According to Obama… we’ve defeated the democrats before and we will again!

No one is looking to “restore past glory,” whatever the hell that means. We’re looking at keeping liberals from turning the USA into “every other country” and a “socialist” nation, thus erasing American exceptionalism and the entire point of the founding. There’s a reason so many folks call liberals “regressives.” Same old ideas – same old failed ideas – pushed over and over again.

You want to talk about divisive? This man has done more to break down our society into little boxes that can’t co-mingle than most presidents before him. And somehow that’s “progress.”



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