NBC News ‘Fact Check’ Declares False That Hillary ‘Acid Washed’ Her Server

Source: Media Bias: NBC News ‘Fact Check’ Declares False That Hillary ‘Acid Washed’ Her Server | The Daily Caller


A software company that sells a brute-force data erasure program is boasting that its technology gave Hillary Clinton the power to ‘wipe’ her private homebrew email server before it fell into the hands of the FBI.

Application developer Andrew Ziem wrote in a Thursday night press release that his BleachBit software prevented the FBI from accessing emails that Clinton deleted.

Members of the US House of Representatives hoping to get a look at Hillary Clinton’s personal email server just got a big disappointment. Clinton’s attorney has confirmed to a House committee on Benghazi that, after handing over work-related email to the State Department, the politician both “chose not to keep” personal messages and set a 60-day limit on what the server retains. In short, she effectively wiped it clean. There’s no going back to mail from her Secretary of State days beyond the 30,490 messages on the record, or roughly half of what the server held during the period.

“Work related.” In other words, what she decided she wanted the authorities to see. She didn’t hand the server over, she gave them the emails… and then wiped the server so the 33,000 emails she deemed “irrelevant” would never be seen. A government official didn’t choose the emails. She chose the emails. That’s like letting a murder suspect gather the evidence against himself.

Just like any work email, you should have a separate email for personal matters you don’t want your boss to read. Because any emails on a work related email account are the property of the company. Whether she thought the emails were irrelevant or too personal or not, that doesn’t matter. They were government property because she was using a work email to send and reply.

And for NBC to say that she didn’t after she herself admitted she did… hello?!

If you want to get technical… she didn’t acid wash the email. She BitBleached it.


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  1. In effect, as accomplices, the (N)onsense (B)roadcasting (C)onfusion network helped the she-demon acid wash, besides aiding in her other illegal, misdeeds. There’s Freedom of Speech, but these nefarious, media outlets should be held accountable/tried for lying and distorting the truth, as they are contriving to belie individuals, businesses, organizations, and government and, at the worst, engaging in tyranny.