Potentially Thousands of Illegal Voters in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania secretary of state’s office recently sent out 2.5 million postcards to licensed drivers who were not registered to vote, inviting them to sign up in time for the November election.

Trouble is, some of those drivers are not American citizens.

One of them was Christopher Staab’s wife, who is a legal U.S. resident but not a citizen. He said he inquired about the matter and was told that his wife got the notice because a Department of Motor Vehicles employee in Butler County coded the information incorrectly. He said the state should ensure the accuracy of its information before inviting millions of people to register.

“Why would you rush this mailing right before an election if it’s not recorded properly?” he asked. “What is going on is not OK.”

Staab said he spoke directly with Secretary of State Pedro Cortés but did not come away satisfied.

“He basically said most are honest,” he said.

Full article: Potentially Thousands of Illegal Voters in Pennsylvania | LifeZette



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