You Mean, Some Polls are Biased?! NO! Let’s get Real for a Minute, Folks

Source: BUSTED! FAKE NBC Poll Showing Hillary Up By 11 Points Was Conducted by a HILLARY SUPERPAC – TruthFeed

constitution-day-1024x880So, apparently, the poll was actually run by a pro-Hillary super PAC. OK.

As everyone knows, some polls are more believable than others. I don’t give any attention to polls run by media sources. Those are obviously going to be swayed in the direction of their readership. Not many Trump voters are going to MSNBC, and not many Hillary voters are going to FOX news (is anyone still going to FOX news?). Most polls, in general, are fairly swayed, whether they are backed by media, PACs, leaning groups, or whatever. Your general poll is done in heavily populated areas, like larger cities. And let’s face it, liberals like to congregate in large cities. Group think is harder without the group, and being offended isn’t cool if no one sees it.

But as I said earlier, Trump is down in every poll I’ve seen. That isn’t good.

Trump is a crappy candidate. Hillary is much worse. At the end of all of this, I don’t believe America will have won either way. However, the people put both of these candidates here via the primary, which is why I always push so hard for people to vote in the primaries.

A large selection of the Hillary backing were originally backing a socialist. And, as I’ve said, this election is going to be felt for generations. Whoever wins this election is going to greatly sway the Supreme Court. And this is my worst fear of all of this. Hillary has said she is going to give Bernie and his supporters some of what they wanted. This woman – who is apparently at least mostly fine with socialism – could be deciding the slant of the Supreme Court. That means a lot of the freedoms we actually still have left will disappear. I can guarantee you the 2nd amendment will be gone, to the point of confiscation the way Australia did it. And a lot of people will fluff up and say what they are going to do or what this is going to cause… none of that is going to come to fruition when faced with several felonies and a completely ruined life.

So we need to fight now. The election isn’t that far away. We don’t have that long until the next president is sworn in. What are you going to do about it?


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