Media Yawns at Explosive WikiLeaks Scandals

But the media is yawning at WikiLeaks’ disclosures.

“From Friday evening to Thursday morning, the morning and evening news shows on ABC, CBS, and NBC dedicated 4 hours and 13 minutes to discussing the recent allegations of sexual misconduct surrounding Donald Trump’s campaign,” wrote the Media Research Center’s Mike Ciandella in a post Thursday. “Meanwhile, not only has the continual release of the WikiLeaks emails from top Hillary staff gotten a comparatively puny 36 minutes of coverage during this same time period, the coverage that is there continues to ignore specifics that could be damaging to Hillary.”

Of those 36 minutes devoted to the emails, about nine minutes were spent talking about how the emails were obtained, and not the various scandals contained therein.

Some journalists go the extra mile for Clinton. One sounded like she was declaring a premature end to the election — one month before Election Day.

“[B]ut at the same time here, there are no major bombshells in these documents, if they are authentic, that really stands up to the magnitude of that story about Donald Trump,” reported Kasie Hunt on “The Today Show” on Oct. 8. “And many Democrats I’ve talked with in the last 12 hours [are] privately saying they think this race might already be over.”

Part of the reason the U.S. media may be reluctant to talk about WikiLeaks is so many journalists have been caught up in it themselves.

In Wednesday’s WikiLeaks release, Mark Leibovich of The New York Times was discovered by LifeZette to have given Clinton “veto power” over quotes to use in his story. Amazingly, as Ciandella points out, CBS News had Leibovich on their Thursday morning show to discuss WikiLeaks. But they didn’t ask Leibovich about his own issue.

And in another WikiLeaks scandal, Democratic National Chairwoman Donna Brazile, then a CNN contributor, leaked a pre-debate question from CNN to the Clinton campaign. The death-penalty question, asked during a primary debate between Clinton and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, was asked at a Dec. 19 event almost exactly as leaked by Brazile.

This is big news. But for the most part, the media doesn’t want to talk about reporters and editors’ cozy relationships, and even collusion, with the Clinton campaign.

“All three of the broadcast networks have not even mentioned [media involvement with Clinton] once,” said Ciandella.

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  1. The Fix is In!! My God a 2 year old could see this. With Barney and his amazon wife campaigning like they are up for re-election and the media in full court press mode against Trump, wikileaks could expose HRC sold state secrets to Russia and it would not matter…this whole thing is rigged.

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