While The Media Obsesses Over “Trump Tapes;” THIS Just Happened…

As the mainstream media and establishment Republicans have concerned themselves with an 11-year-old video of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, the national debt shot up to just under $19.7 trillion.

As Zero Hedge reported, the national debt rose $170 billion in just eight days, which means that as the media obsessed over Trump, the country dramatically plunged dramatically further into debt.

While Rome was burning, the media fiddled with the Trump tape and Obama fiddled on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton. The national debt crisis provided plenty of drama over the last eight days, but the media, Democrats and establishment Republicans provided the masses bread and circus.

Trump’s lewd comments do not and will not affect most Americans. What Obama has done to the economy has massively affected us all and will only get worse should Hillary Clinton be elected.

Full article: While The Media Obsesses Over “Trump Tapes;” THIS Just Happened… | The Federalist Papers



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