CBS, NBC Shut Down Pence When He Calls Out Media Bias

While being grilled about sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump during the appearance on This Morning, Pence pointed out the glaring media double standard in coverage of campaign controversies: “Donald Trump made it very clear yesterday, he has categorically denied these allegations and these kind of unsubstantiated claims being given so much focus in the media at the time we have hard evidence flowing out of the Clinton Foundation.”

He noted: “We had evidence this week, in fact, that while she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and her aides actually gave preferential treatment to friends of the Clintons for reconstruction contracts in Haiti.” Co-host Charlie Rose interrupted: “We would like to ask all of those questions….We would like to ask all of those questions of her, but – But we have Donald Trump’s running mate here this morning.”

Pence observed: “That receives very little attention and these unsubstantiated claims are dominating the news.”

Full article and video: CBS, NBC Shut Down Pence When He Calls Out Media Bias



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