NC GOP Office Firebombed by Another Non-Violent, Open Minded Liberal

‘Nazi Republicans, Leave Town’: NC GOP Office Firebombed | Fox News Insider

Authorities said the flammable substance ignited inside the building, burning furniture and damaging the interior of the building. It was contained in a bottle thrown through the window. The window had lettering on it that said, “Freedom Speaks.”

Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party, called the attack “political terrorism,” and said the party will not succumb to it.

Woodhouse said the bottle ended up under a couch where people often sit, nap, or relax. He said it was fortunate no one was in the building because it’s often occupied late into the evening during the busy election season.

Full article: Orange County GOP Headquarters Burned, Vandalized

But remember, folks. You are the violent deplorables. Not them. Liberals are open minded and accepting of all…

…who think just like them. If you don’t think just like them, then you are fair game for racial slurs, hate speech, and fire bombing, apparently. All in the name of freedom, right?

Your idea of freedom is very twisted, my friends.


If you can’t win fair, play dirty. This is apparently the entire Hillary game plan this election year, and her followers are doing so with glee.

I’m sure this firebombing will convince the entire state to immediately vote for Hillary, too.



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