Obama Signs Another UN Treaty Without Congress

The administration has signed onto yet another treaty without seeking the “advice and consent” of Congress as the Constitution requires.

Yesterday, John Kerry met with world leaders in Kigali, Rwanda. After all-night negotiations, nearly 200 nations (including the United States) agreed to further cut greenhouse gases. They did so by amending the Montreal Protocol, an international climate treaty that the United States ratified back in 1988.

The Obama administration believes that by drastically editing a treaty that Congress ratified almost three decades ago, they can get around having to seek Congressional approval again. The White House has even admitted that they have no intention of putting this to a ratification vote in Congress.

The meaning of the 1988 treaty has been substantially altered. Congress never approved this new framework. What the President is doing is unconstitutional!

Full article: Unbelievable: Obama Signs Another UN Treaty Without Congress – Conservative Daily



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