The Question Facing Women: Should We Vote Based On Trump’s Actions Or Clinton’s Choices?

Here, though, is what many American women are considering:

What is the nature of disrespect toward women? First, did Trump kiss and grope women as alleged? Although he says not, the allegations fit his lifetime of boorish comments and the entitled, celebrity behavior he has exhibited since he first came onto the national political stage and which was a large measure of why most pundits predicted he would never survive the primaries.

Indeed, the new allegations are surprisingly tame and consistent. We should expect, therefore, an orchestrated acceleration of allegations through October until just before Election Day, when the most egregious will come to light. Grabbing and being vulgar is coarse, indefensible and disrespectful to women.

But many women also know that Clinton’s policies have actually hurt many women and their loved ones, which, along with her lies about expected outcomes, is disrespectful of our capacity for judgment and informed policy choices.

Hiding her emails on an unsecured server in her basement and thereby putting national security at risk is profoundly disrespectful of our safety and well-being.

Likewise for how Clinton puts special interests ahead of the needs of women, and indeed of all Americans; this disrespects our role as equal citizens deserving principled representation.

Her colluding with the media in a campaign of lies and omissions is disrespectful of our expectation of an honest democratic process.

Clinton’s belief that un-elected judges (appointed by her) should impose their policy preferences and value judgments over the wishes of the people through their elected representatives is disrespectful of the voting franchise women fought so hard to attain.

Full article: IWV – The Question Facing Women: Should We Vote Based On Trump’s Actions Or Clinton’s Choices? • Independent Journal Review




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