Obamacare: Citing Costs, Frustrated Doctors Say US Healthcare Headed in Wrong Direction

The survey found that doctors resent “government intrusion” — the headline takeaway from the journal in which it was published — with frustrations mounting: “Because of continuing economic and regulatory pressures, 72 percent found the profession more stressful and less lucrative than in previous years, and a strong majority said they are concerned about the direction that healthcare is headed.”  The poll found a plurality of physicians calling Obamacare a “disservice” to the country, with slightly fewer calling it ‘mostly’ good, despite flaws. Just 7.5 percent offered an unvarnished endorsement of the law. Opinions of Obamacare may be colored by partisan politics, but the empirical outcomes speak for themselves. More than six in ten doctors cite lack of affordability as the number one problem for their patients. The “Affordable” Care Act at work. And on that same theme, here’s the latest news for Michigan consumers:

If you get health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act, you may soon be paying more. State officials have approved an average price hike of 16.7 percent for individuals enrolled through the Affordable Care Act. “It’s a big increase we haven’t seen. Last year was (a) 2.5 percent increase. Compared to last year and what we saw the year before, (this is a) pretty big increase. When you look at other states that have announced their increases, North Carolina (is) 24 percent (and) Pennsylvania (is) 33 percent,” said Leslie Muller, an assistant professor of economics at Grand Valley State University. The increase was approved by the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services.

Full article: Obamacare: Citing Costs, Frustrated Doctors Say US Healthcare Headed in Wrong Direction – Guy Benson

I wanted to post this article mostly to say something.

I see a lot of people pointing out – gleefully – that Obamacare isn’t working as planned. There are tons of articles about how bad it really is, and we regularly see proponents of the system coming forward to say that it is, indeed, working.

Obamacare wasn’t meant to work. It was not meant to succeed.

It was meant to make it look like your government really cares about you, but the main thing that it was created for was – wait for it – to soften us up so we would demand single payer. Not that we would just want it… we would demand it. And it is working. Now that all of this has been going on, people who want single payer for some God awful reason are insisting that the government has to do something and that everyone in the USA is entitled to healthcare. The government should be paying for it!

More demands for the government to buy us presents with our own money.

So don’t act that surprised when it fails. It was designed to.



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