IRS Spent $12 Million On Email System, Ends Up Being A Waste

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) spent $12 million on a new cloud-based email system, but later found out that it was not usable.

The seemingly failed initiative was started in order to comply with the Obama administration’s latest push for increased cybersecurity.

The federal agency’s virtual infrastructure was apparently lackluster, including incapacity to archive emails, which is a critical feature to look up past communications.

“The existing system hardware … is experiencing numerous failures resulting in a significantly increased workload on enterprise e-mail support staff,” reads an audit of the purchase, conducted by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). “If the IRS does not efficiently upgrade its e-mail environment, it could adversely affect the IRS’s ability to effectively perform tax administration.”

Source: IRS Spent $12 Million On Email System, Ends Up Being A Waste | The Daily Caller



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