Listen up, deplorables: The Clinton administration is coming for you

If Hillary Clinton is elected president, you can bet one of her first orders of business will be making sure that “basket of deplorables” that caused her campaign so much trouble are discredited and demonized.

For a newly elected President Clinton, a large population of Americans supporting small government, self-reliance, free markets and anti-interventionist attitudes will simply cause too many headaches. After all, everyone remembers how much trouble that “vast right wing conspiracy” caused her husband.

But based on the trajectory of the 2016 election season, Clinton and her handlers know that if she is elected— whether rightfully or by deceit— there is a massive group of Americans who will never accept her as commander-in-chief.

Of course, Clinton knows a thing or two about shutting down political opposition from a position of power. And after three decades as a Washington insider she has the resources to make it happen.

Consider for a moment how the initial Clinton administration dealt with any group that dared reject federal power. It wasn’t pretty. Think back to the pre-9/11 world of the 1990s. Can you remember what the Clinton Justice Department promoted as the biggest terror threat facing the U.S.?

That’s right, so-called right-wing extremism. Officials like Attorney General Janet Reno painted pictures of dangerous deplorables lurking in secluded bunkers throughout the U.S., heavily armed and ready to overthrow the government.

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