House bill seeks to make owning an ‘assault weapon’ a felony

New legislation introduced by Michigan Democrats seeks to make it a felony to own weapons defined as assault weapons.

State Rep. Robert Wittenberg, D-Oak Park, presented the bill Wednesday with support from Rep. Jim Townsend, D – Royal Oak. Neither was available to make a comment.

If passed, House Bill  5996, or the “Assault Weapon Regulation Act,” would turn the manufacturing, purchasing, possessing, selling and transferring of “assault weapons” into a four-year felony. It’s one of nine bills introduced Wednesday aimed at reducing gun violence.

Full article: House bill seeks to make owning an ‘assault weapon’ a felony | Fox17

People get weird with me for harping about the Supreme Court justices that could come out of this election.

But think about it. Hillary Clinton would replace retiring and dead justices with people who believe the Constitution is a “living document.” What does that mean? It means that they think the Constitution does not say what it says… they believe it says what they want it to.

With Supreme Court justices from Hillary, if this bill passed and someone wanted to challenge it in the Supreme Court, they would lose big. Because Hillary’s Supreme Court justices would tell you the second amendment is about hunting, and ARs – according to liberals – aren’t used for hunting (in reality, they are used in hunting all the time). You would then see this happening all over the country. Suddenly, a rifle you bought with your own money and passed background checks from the FBI to purchase would become illegal to own. Meaning all the people that ran to the gun store the weekend after the election to get guns they assume will be banned (instead of running to the polls to stop it) like they did in 2008 will now have guns that it is a felony to own.

Think about that for a while.



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