Berkeley Protesters Demand ‘Spaces of Color,’ Block White Students from Passing Through

Students at the UC Berkeley campus are holding protests, calling for “safe spaces” for transgendered people and “spaces of color” at the university. The protesters were caught on video harassing white students and preventing them from crossing a bridge that receives heavy foot traffic, only allowing for students of color to pass.

The protesters also wound up making their way to the student store and disrupting other students who were studying in the Student Union.

Berkeley has already discussed plans to convert the campus’s Andres Castro Arms co-op into a “Person of Color theme house” by this fall semester. And in what may be seen as a regression from the progress this nation has made since the dark days of segregation in this country, black and minority students appear to have successfully convinced the UC school system to consider building separate housing for black students on some of its campuses.

Full article: Berkeley Protesters Demand ‘Spaces of Color,’ Block White Students from Passing Through – Breitbart

I’m sorry. The older African American folks need to step in here. It is time for them to be heard. Because it was them who fought to end segregation and they fought like Hell. They went through things these kids could never imagine, all to be included in a society that so desperately wanted them separate. They wanted to be a part of America. They wanted to be functional and meaningful members of society. And they wanted to make sure they and their children had all the same advantages of anyone else in America. And through blood, sweat, and tears, they succeeded!

And now their grandchildren are fighting to re-segregate, to undo everything they fought so hard for.

Is no one seeing this? People see this stuff and still want to vote for Hillary to we can have more of the same. Another four to eight years of this and this country will be so divided it will take generations to reunite it. It isn’t just African Americans. Every definable group is trying to segregate from every other. Blacks from whites. Women from men. Gays from straights. Liberals from conservatives. We can’t even seem to be friends with people in different political parties. And you want more of this?!

This is one of the biggest threats to our country, and you want more of it. If we separate everyone from everyone else, this isn’t a country anymore! And we can’t function as one if no one wants anything to do with anyone outside of their box. Get out of your damn box, mingle with each other, learn something, and for God’s sake, learn to get along! And stop voting for extremists!



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