Washington Post: Press Telling Trump Supporters ‘Your Candidate Is Virtually Certain to Lose’

From the Washington Post:

Since the final presidential debate last week, many news outlets have been delivering an unvarnished message to Donald Trump supporters: Your candidate is virtually certain to lose the election Nov. 8.

Clinton probably finished off Trump last night,” FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver wrote the day after the debate. “Hillary Clinton is almost certain to be president,” Guardian columnist and former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson added.

A day later, the Times’s Upshot blog increased Clinton’s chances of winning to 93 percent, an all-time high. On Monday, Politico’s Ben Schreckinger wrote that “Donald Trump’s path to an election night win is almost entirely closed.” Here at The Fix, Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake wrote that “Donald Trump’s chances of winning are approaching zero.”

These are accurate, statistically sound statements. But they are something else, too. Declarations that Trump is highly unlikely to win also serve as counters to the Republican nominee’s warning that the “rigged” election could be “stolen from us.”

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What they are actually doing is trying to deflate the voters. Maybe it’s true. Maybe the American people are dumb enough to put Clinton in the White House and ignore the massive issues coming from her camp. Maybe the American people like all this Washington corruption and just want to complain about it, not do away with it.

But the end goal is to make those who oppose Clinton feel as though it is a lost cause and stay home. The polls are tightening, and the polls also really don’t give you the whole picture anyway. The media is trying to make sure there isn’t a surprise on election day.

Well. I am actually going today to vote in my state’s early voting. I encourage you all to go out and vote no matter what. This has been a tough election. But it isn’t over because the media declares it over (which they have been doing for six months now). I am having a tough time swallowing that my fellow Americans are really this stupid. I may be proven wrong on November 8. But I’m keeping my faith.

Get off your duff and vote. If Hillary gets in, the Supreme Court will be trashed. It will be a mess we won’t be able to clean up in our lifetime.



2 responses to “Washington Post: Press Telling Trump Supporters ‘Your Candidate Is Virtually Certain to Lose’

  1. The voters are saying something else in their early voting and it’s Trump all the way

    And didn’t the Wikileaks emails tell a story of collusion between the Hillary campaign and the media to put the narrative forth that Crooked Hillary is leading in the polls

    When actually…

    Those very same emails from Wikileaks stated that Hillary Clinton’s campaign people said…

    “She’s tanking” 😉

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