A Vote for Clinton Tells Kids That Honesty Doesn’t Matter

Lost in all the election fervor is one deceptively simple but ultimately painful truth. We are witnessing the wholesale downfall of honesty — that simple “Honest Abe” character trait that, with the election of Hillary Clinton, we would be teaching our children doesn’t matter.

All we need to know to make a decision on Nov. 8 is right in front of us: Clinton is not an honest person.

It’s that simple — and that important. At least it used to be.

Many have speculated on what drives Clinton as an individual — ambition, greed, an inflated sense of her own singular importance to the nation. But somewhere along the line she learned that dishonesty pays. It has gotten her places and it has served her well.

Today, it is as entrenched a character flaw as any we have seen in any candidate in modern times.

Clinton seems totally incapable of simple honesty when it counts. All that calculation must be exhausting.

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This is something to consider since many of Hillary’s ads in the election have talked about what influence our president has on children and how she’s been working for kids for 30 years (and doesn’t have any accomplishments for those kids to discuss in those ads, I might point out. Have you noticed? She flaunts her 30 years of working for kids, but hasn’t told us a single thing she has actually done for them!).

I’m not a parent. But I have to say, if I was, I would be really uncomfortable with this entire election year and trying to explain it to my kids. I’m not talking just about the presidential election. The banter and obvious hatred between some of the local candidates is astounding. Pat McCrory and Roy Cooper obviously hate each other. Their ads and interviews are ugly and horrid. How do you explain that to a kid? How do you teach a kid to compete graciously with all of this garbage? My parents raised me to know that those I am competing against for anything are the competition… not the enemy. How does that lesson get taught with our kids watching this election?!

Deborah Ross and Richard Burr… here’s another battle with honesty not mattering. In the debate, every single one of the attack claims Deborah Ross has made against Richard Burr was proven completely inaccurate to a downright lie. And yet she still runs the ads based on those inaccuracies and lies… and the race is tight! This woman gets publicly called out for this stuff more often than Hillary does, and her supporters care about nothing other than the D after her name. My mother – who loathes Republicans – hates this woman because she’s so full of it. My mother voted for Richard Burr! (As an aside, just to be completely up front… when my dad was sick and we were having issues with the VA, it was Richard Burr who helped us. He went above and beyond, and he even took the time to send a condolence letter when my father passed away. It doesn’t change the fact that Deborah Ross has been publicly called out and proven wrong on numerous occasions, including during the debate. But I wanted to add this piece of information because I do feel very strongly about Richard Burr and it is only fair to point that out). The hate between these two candidates is also notable.

This entire election process has been full of lies and just utter hatred. You have probably noticed I have taken a day off here and there from posting. I was watching cat videos. No, I’m not kidding. I needed a break from the massive negativity, awfulness, and hatred of this election, and I spent the time watching kittens and puppies frolic. Call it recharging my soul. But how do you explain this to kids? How do you teach them that lying and hating your opponent is wrong when they watch this going on around them? Heck, if mommy or daddy wears a shirt or pin for a candidate, someone who opposes that candidate may confront them in a hateful way. How do you explain that fairly?




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