Let’s Talk for a Moment – “Indictment ‘Likely’ In FBI Clinton Foundation Investigation”

In a bombshell report, Fox News’ Brett Baier reports that two FBI sources with ‘intimate knowledge’ of the Clinton Foundation investigation are saying that the probe will likely end in indictment.

Full article: REPORT: Indictment ‘Likely’ In FBI Clinton Foundation Investigation | The Sean Hannity Show

absurd-funny-hillary-clinton-photoshops2You can go to the link to see all the details, but I wanted to take a moment to say something.

Look, I don’t know if it is true. Right now, any talk about indictments for emails or the Clinton Foundation or anything like that is all hearsay. An indictment should have come during the last foray with the emails, and all she got was a stern talking to. So I have little faith that this sea hag is ever going to be brought to justice for any of the wrong she has done, and because her supporters care more about getting a woman in the White House than getting a good woman in the White House, she has a good shot at being our next president. And if that does happen, the mess she will make – especially with the Supreme Court – won’t get cleaned up in my lifetime, if ever. We are literally staring the death of our country in the face and watching our fellow Americans cheer it on. Americans who are willing to give up any freedom at all as long as they get something free in return. And Americans who oppose her promising to fight and do things they know damn well they never will.

But the point I want to make here is this. Everyone I see at the myriad websites and news sources I visit every day are excited about this possible indictment. Why?

If she is elected into the White House, either nothing will come of it or Tim Kaine will be the president. Neither one of those things is a good thing. Neither one of those things is going to do anything for America. The election is in five days. That means any indictment isn’t going bear fruit until after the election. And with early voting, many of the ballots are already cast.

The best outcome for all of this is to keep her out of the White House. But over the last few months I have lost a lot of faith in the American people. We’ve watched the media tear Trump apart for words and then tell us endlessly how great Hillary is, ignoring her actions completely. Even those who actually know what she has done don’t care and loudly and proudly proclaim as much. I’ve watched Americans cheer as they are told what freedoms will be taken away from them for their own good. I’ve watched Americans question nothing at all about Hillary. They tell me a line for line quote from her ads, like she’s worked for 30 years for children. But Hillary has offered nothing she has actually accomplished for children in those 30 years, and her followers look at you confused when you ask them to give you an accomplishment. They tell you about all the wonderful things the Clinton Foundation has done for people around the world while Haitians stand behind them screaming that she basically robbed them. We’re told Trump is divisive and mean while Hillary calls Americans deplorables, basement dwellers, taco bowls, rednecks, etc. There is audio of her laughing about getting a child rapist set free, but people are more outraged about Trump talking like a heterosexual male. She has insulted her own worshipers and they don’t care (yeah, you’re the ones she was calling the taco bowl and basement dwellers).

So folks, I am holding the faith the best I can. I am praying for our country. I stare at my friends’ kids all the time and wonder if they are going to grow up to enjoy freedoms I have right now, or if Hillary will turn us into every other country on Earth, wiping away anything that makes America exceptional and great. Are our kids going to experience the America we know, or are they going to experience Greece? We’ve already handed over too many of our freedoms, and those freedoms have been taken by members of both parties. But to vote for someone we know is corrupt and stands there running an entire election platform based on taking away your freedoms… it makes keeping that faith really hard. I love my country. I love my country with every fiber of my being, and this election is actually painful. But I am ashamed of our government. And I am ashamed of a good number of our citizens for being willing to turn this country over in the name of freebies and “history.” A history that, by the way, they never paid attention to before.



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