Tim Kaine: “Hillary Will Modify Obamacare To Include Gun-Addiction Therapy”

Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine is taking aim at the NRA, saying he’s done what he can about “common sense” gun laws in his home state of Virginia, but has watched Congress falter in the face of the gun lobby. “We have to make a decision about what matters to us,” said Kaine in an opinion piece published by Time magazine Tuesday. “We have to treat this like the public health crisis it is.” Kaine notes that he is a gun owner and that he supports the Second Amendment.

“It needs to be said that sugarcoating this sort of thing isn’t going to make it better,” Kaine also argued during his subsequent interview. “Neither Hillary Clinton nor I can stand Donald Trump, that’s common knowledge, but there is one thing about his ridiculous rhetoric I have to agree with, and that’s that political correctness in this country has long ceased to be useful. Today’s approach revolves around directness and no-beating-around-the-bush kind of mentality when it comes to communication.”

He continued, “That’s precisely the reason why we need to tackle the gun safety issue head on and without pardon. It’s a burning problem that is affecting millions of Americans every single day, and as such, it represents an emergency. At the end of the day, public health is not something that should be neglected for the obvious reasons, and whether we’d like to admit it or not, the public health of America today is becoming increasingly gangrenous.”

“Guns have found their way to every single layer of society and have become the preferred method of resolving disputes and mere disagreements,” Kaine said. “We must put a stop to that and I’m happy to announce that Hillary Clinton has come up with the perfect solution for this problem. She is going to modify Obamacare from its existing state into a comprehensive healthcare program that’s going to include both voluntary, but also mandatory gun-addiction therapy.”

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Why have I opposed Obamacare from the start? This. Exactly this. When the government is in charge of your health care, they can tell you how to live your life, and you don’t get much say in it. And it won’t get better with single payer, nor will it stop here. Like sky diving? Government won’t allow it. Like deep sea fishing? Nope! Want a sports car? No, too risky to your health.

How could they do this? Well, for one, re-educating you until you believe guns are evil and we should give up our right to them. Get hurt sky diving? You won’t get any help at the hospital, because it is a forbidden sport. Were you in a crash while driving a sports car? Care not covered. And you may be liable for the other person if the crash if it involved another vehicle, even if they were at fault.

This is why Obamacare was designed to fail. If it fails, people will get behind single payer because they now believe the government should be responsible for their care. But once they are, they have every right to tell you you can’t do or have certain things because now it costs the entire country money if you get hurt doing or using it. And they’d be right. If our taxes go sky high to cover single payer, people are going to get really angry when they have to pay to treat someone who got hurt doing something “preventable.” So your fellow citizens will begin crawling up your butt about your sports car or that SUV that could hurt someone in a smaller car, and you’ll be told the way to prevent these injuries is to get a lower powered electric vehicle – that you have to pay for to keep charged up and that you can’t travel as far in. They will scream and protest until the government types decide the way to fix the anger is to outlaw those vehicles, or just cut your care off if you are injured. They could tack on your liability for other vehicles and people to make the whole thing so expensive that you give in and buy a car you don’t want just to avoid going bankrupt if someone else t-bones you while you are driving your sports car. I’m not saying this is definitely going to happen. This is an example of how it could and how they could make it happen.

The first stop? Guns! Of course! Because apparently you are more likely to hurt yourself with it than an attacker. Your kid could shoot themselves. You could wake up one morning and decide to shoot up a public place at random because you just felt like it. Well, you know, the tax payer now has to pay for you, your kid, or all the people you shot out of boredom. So we’re going to need you to hand over your Constitutional rights. And if you don’t… well, you’ll be liable for your own medical bills, your kids’ bills, and the bills of the people you shot when you got bored last weekend. We’re also going to deem you mentally ill because you owned a gun in the first place, making it likely that you will have a tougher time getting a job.

They could just reclassify gun ownership as a mental illness. It’s been suggested before.

Obamacare has a lot of problems, and Hillary’s camp doesn’t want to address them. The prices are going sky high. Here in NC, there is only one insurance company as an option in Obamacare. That’s a problem in a lot of states. But all they want to do is discuss how to use the thing to take away your rights and tell you how to live, not how to fix it. They don’t even want to admit it is a problem. And they can get away with it, because so many people were cheering it from the start and thought it was a great idea to force people to buy insurance, trying to convince us that it was doing good because people who didn’t have insurance before could get it now. Nevermind what it actually did was take people who couldn’t afford insurance and tell them they had to buy it anyway. It didn’t make it easier to get or more affordable. It just came with a “you’re going to either pay for insurance to pay a fine in your taxes” rule.



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  1. Clinton’s clown, buffon! What IS “gun addiction”?! It’s hard to believe this jackass was in the military! Guns are to shoot–NOT shoot up! If you, simpleton, wish to break someone of an addiction, how about the she-demons alcoholism, or Billy Boy’s cocaine habit?