Obama Considered Firing Comey… But it Would be Politically Staining

One source claims “Valerie argued that Comey was interfering deliberately in the election process and had to be stopped.  The president said he was worried about the consequences of taking such an action — the tsunami of outrage that would come his way, and possibly become a major footnote, or worse, in the history of his presidency. There is also the real possibility that such an action could backfire on the president and result in a Saturday Night Massacre.”

While there is precedent for a president to fire his FBI Director, such an action just days before a close election would be suicidal and a political disaster. The post notes that while Obama claims he doesn’t want to get involved in the FBI’s investigation, he did say “it was important to follow a practice of not allowing intimations or suggestions to pervade the public’s view of the case.”

Full article: He’s Fired?!?!



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