Video of How White Liberals Honestly View Black People is BLOWING UP the Internet…

All white liberals can hear when Donald Trump speaks is racism this, racism that. But for some reason they can’t hear themselves when they speak.

Full article: WOW: Video of How White Liberals Honestly View Black People is BLOWING UP the Internet…

Seriously, I – and a lot of other people – have been saying this since the get go. The white liberal argument for why voter ID is racist is that all blacks are too stupid and poor to get an ID. They literally believe all blacks are felons, so poor they are almost on the streets, and/or too stupid to find a DMV or use the internet. HOW IS THAT NOT RACIST?! That is literally some of the most racist garbage I’ve ever heard! Do you people even listen to yourselves?! Do you ever go outside? Have you ever actually spoken to a black person?!

Yes, there are poor black people. There are also poor Hispanics, Indians, Asians, whites, and everything else. There are also a lot of blacks who are middle class to upper middle class. A lot. Same as every other race and ethnicity. The IT world is full black people – and every other race and ethnicity! I went to school with a dude who was so amazingly smart that is was awe inspiring. The man was a literal genius, probably one of the only actual geniuses I have ever personally met. And he was black. And I’m not sure why anyone would care that he was black, especially while he was speaking, because personally I was too busy drooling on myself from awe.

Yet white liberals use the stupid and poor excuse. Give. Me. A break. You racist pieces of trash.


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