Congratulations, President-Elect Donald J. Trump!

Wow, guys. What a ride.

donaldtrumpFirst off, congratulations to our next president, Donald Trump, and vice president Mike Pence. Also, Mrs. Clinton… congratulations on a good fight. It wasn’t meant to be.

I just want to say a few things.

This election took a toll on me. They always do. As I normally say, elections for president, senate, congress, and governor are my Super Bowl. I get very wrapped up in every election, and sometimes they make me physically ill. This one made me physically ill. I am not ashamed to admit that. On Sunday, I got into my car and drove to the beach, where I will be for several more days.

A few weeks ago I hit a low point and let all of this really get to me. You may or may not have noticed when that hit. But I was sitting out on my front porch about two weeks ago with my dog at my side, and I said a prayer. Just a quick one. And this will sound crazy, but I suddenly felt alright. Something down in the pit of my stomach suddenly said everything was going to be OK. And I decided to trust it. Regardless of what the media and the polls were saying, I kept reminding myself of that feeling.

Today, I chose to spend the day walking on the beach with my feet in the water. Yes, in November. It’s SC, it isn’t that bad, I promise. While most people were glued to the TV as soon as the votes began to roll in, I sat on the deck 14 stories up from the beach with a glass of red wine and watched the ocean instead.

I admit, I was nervous. I had allowed myself to accept that Hillary Clinton was going to be our next president and we had to focus on the senate and congress to make sure our loss of freedoms was at least somewhat minimized. I swore I would not watch the election tonight, I would get the results in the morning and go from there.

I got up and went downstairs to get a drink, and a gentleman I had randomly befriended ran up to me wearing his “Make America Great Again” hat and told me to go back to my room and turn on the TV. Trump was ahead.

And he was. And then his lead grew. And then he never fell behind.

And then I finally decided around 2:00 AM to turn on CNN and see how bad they were freaking out.

It was like they were reporting on something like 9/11. You would have thought the country was under attack again and people were dying in large number. They said Hillary would not concede, and they argued why she shouldn’t.

And then she did.

Mr. Trump… make us proud. Don’t let us down. A lot of people put their faith in you. A lot of them. I voted for you, Mr. Trump. But you were not my first choice. It kind of hurt filling in the dot for you. But I think you can do this. I hope you can do this. Please don’t let us down. Please don’t make us look like fools. I will pray for you and my country every night for the next four years. You can count on it. My country gets prayers first, always.

Mr. Trump… I love this country. I love this country something hard. Nothing will change that. I will be watching you. I will point out if you screw up, but will point out when you succeed, too. You are now in our White House. It’s ours, Mr. Trump. Not just yours. And just because I voted for you does not mean you are off the hook. We are all watching you. Me, my readers, the entire country. We’re watching you… and we are going to hold you to everything you promised. At least try.

Good luck, Mr. Trump.


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