A Random YouTuber on the Election and the Reality Therein

I wanted to share this one, because it was glorious. Not the entire video is on this topic, so I cut to the chase for you, even though the video itself isn’t bad. Anyway, if you don’t know this gentleman, he is not a Trump supporter. I’m not sure what his politics are, but it really doesn’t matter. There is some strong language and he does get loud, so I wouldn’t watch this at work. But his little tangent here is just wonderful. Enjoy!

By the way, real quick. I want to apologize for being largely absent this week, especially since I’m sure a lot of you assumed I’d have a lot to say, being election week. I actually decided to spend the week at the beach. I did have my tablet – hence the reason I posted Wed. morning about the election – but it is just small enough that trying to read articles and write on it gives me a headache. Things should be getting back to normal, but Google fiber was apparently set up while I was gone and it is… well, it mostly works, but it had to be set up on my computer, and I had to work with it tonight. It’s not fully operational as of yet. So we’re almost back to normal.


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