Even After Being Told Why They Screwed Up, The Media STILL Doesn’t Get It

Source: Even After Being Told Why They Screwed Up, The Media STILL Doesn’t Get It

The point they are missing completely is that the media may be doing a lot of work… but it isn’t the work the media is charged with doing. The point of the media is to present the facts at all costs. It doesn’t matter who those facts are for or against. The fact that media outlets openly endorse candidates is sickening. And I’m not sure when, exactly, we got to that point where it was OK and candidates waved those endorsements around.

And no, I’m not just talking about the fact that they openly list all the terrible things about the candidate they don’t like and list only the good things about the candidate they do like (or the darkening of pictures of candidates they don’t like compared to the lightening of the pictures of the ones they do like. Anyone else notice that?). Watch some of the political ads on TV. When they start telling you about their endorsements, you will certainly find newspapers and television media outlets listed with their official endorsements. When did that become OK?

Of course some news outlets are going to be biased. Heck, this blog right here is biased! The difference is… I’m not trying to convince you that this blog isn’t biased. I openly admit it. Yes, I will point out when someone I support screws up. But do you know why this – and so many other – blog exists? Because I feel the need to present you with information you aren’t getting from the mainstream media. This blog is biased because mainstream media is, and you deserve both sides of the story. If the media wasn’t biased, this blog and many others would have no reason to exist.

Look, guys. I actually went to journalism school. I know what these people are actually taught. Those lessons fly out the window the minute they get on air, and I am sure it is in large part due to the people who own the media outlets, and those people probably didn’t go to school for this. But it is also due to the fact that they believe their opinion is more valuable than ours. It’s the same as Hollywood celebrities who think their opinion is more important and carries more weight. It doesn’t, but they don’t believe that it doesn’t.

I have long dreamed of starting a news network that was completely unbiased. No really, I have. I wish I had the money to do it! No candidate endorsements, no panels full of people on one side of the isle and one person from the other so they have someone to gang up on. A place you can go to get the facts and not be told what to think of those facts, because I believe the American people are smart enough to come up with their own opinions if given half a chance. A US media source with all the information, so you don’t have to follow me over to British news sources to find out what the hell is actually going on in our own country. No reporters who are more celebrity than reporter.

I even have my first two hires in mind, if I can track those two guys I went to school with down. 🙂

Anyone want to start the GoFundMe? LOL!


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