Personal Story: It Happened in Real Life!

Guys. I had to share this story from tonight with you, because you see this on TV and in videos online all the time, but it really floors you when it happens in person.

OK. Back story. I met these two ladies at the gym several weeks ago. We seem to always be in the hot tub at the same time, and I’m not sure how we started talking, but we did. The two ladies are really sweet, and I enjoy talking to them. They are both also very, very liberal. I’m not sure how they know each other, I think they are co-workers, but not sure. The one girl is a millennial, I’d estimate mid-twenties. The other woman is older, I’d say mid-40s maybe.

Anyway, back when I realized I was dealing with two ultra liberals, I decided to play a game. They assumed my political leaning. They assumed very wrong, but I decided to not correct them. They haven’t seemed to notice that I have not agreed or disagreed with any political statements they have made. I never said who I was going to vote for or what I thought of either candidate. I have managed to take part in the conversation by stating information, facts, corrections, and news stories. But my leaning has not been divulged, and they seem content to assume I am the same leaning as themselves. As you all know, I do, in fact, have some opinions liberals would agree with, so I have let those out, just because I happen to have been asked about them. I enjoy listening to their thoughts and opinions, and it is a great gateway into how the other side thinks without the tossing of insults. I like these two ladies, I honestly do.

The younger one admits she had no interest in politics until this election. The older one claims to be very political.

Now, to tonight.

I haven’t seen these two ladies in about three weeks. Needless to say, I was overjoyed to see them, as I was hoping to get their opinion on the election now that it is over. And they will tell me without my asking because, as they have said, they like talking politics with me because I seem to know what I am talking about. Go ahead and chuckle, I had a tough time not chuckling in front of them. Oh, if they only knew. LOL!

Anyway. The younger one told me she is mentally distraught. She put her early voting sticker on her laptop, and every time she sees it now she apparently gets choked up. The older lady was a little more… not open to a Trump presidency, but she wasn’t openly worried about it. She seems to have accepted defeat gracefully and doesn’t believe hell fire is about rain down on the country or civil rights.

Quickly, the conversation shifted to Clinton. This is where it got insane. Just to clear up the dialogue, they were both equally stupid here, but the younger one did most of the talking.

Shifting their attention directly to me and with tone of voice of wanting solid information, I was asked what Clinton does now.

I told them… she moves on with her life. She will probably continue giving speeches, she may move into an advisory role for someone, who knows. Maybe she will decide to retire and spend her days playing with her grandbabies. Pretty much, what anyone else does when they are turned down for a job. Move on.

Head desk“What did she do?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, didn’t she do something in the government?”

“Uh. Yeah. She did a few things in the government.”

“Does she continue doing that?”

“Well, no, she isn’t doing anything with the government currently.”

“What did she do? Wasn’t it something with New York? Wasn’t she the mayor or something?”

Are you f—ing kidding me right now? Is this actually happening? There are cameras somewhere, right? Am I on TV? In my bathing suit?!

No. I didn’t say that… only in my head.

“Uh. No. She was the senator. But that was some time ago. She eventually became secretary of state under Obama.”

“So she keeps doing that until Obama leaves. Would Trump keep her?”

“Uh… um. She’s not the secretary anymore. She hasn’t been for a while.”

“Oh. What was she doing?”

“Running for president.”

“Didn’t she do something else?”

“She… was the first lady way back in the day.”

“She was?! Oh my God! When was that?!”

No really, where are the cameras?!

“When her husband was the president. That’s usually how that works.”

“Who was her husband?”

F— all! This cannot be real life!

“Bill. Clinton.”

“So she isn’t doing anything in the government now?”

“No. She was the first lady of Arkansas. Then first lady of the USA. Then senator of NY. Then secretary of state. Then she ran for president and lost. And now we’re here.”

How?! How can you be emotionally distraught over the lost presidential bid of a woman you know nothing about?! I mean, literally nothing! You didn’t even know she was married to Bill Clinton and HE CAMPAIGNED FOR HER!!!! This is basic stuff here, guys! This isn’t knowledge gained from a degree, this is gained from frickin’ reading and knowing what is going on around you! Know your candidates! And know the person your candidate is running against! Maybe there would be less rioting if more people paid attention to that.

I don’t comprehend how people can vote for someone for any political seat without knowing anything about their background. If you voted for Hillary, I expect you to at least know what she has done in the government before you tick that box. Especially if you are old enough to have lived through it, as the one woman was. I was 13 when Bill Clinton became president. I didn’t have the slightest clue what was going on politically at that point. But I damn sure know who she is now. Once she became a player, she was on my list of people to know.

But you knew she was a democrat and a woman. What else did you know?

Anyway. The ladies thank me for the information, ask if I’ll be here on Friday so we can meet up again and chat, and wish me a good evening. They retreat to the locker room, leaving me with a dumbfounded look on my face.

There was a guy in the hot tub this entire time. He slides up next to me and says, “You don’t have to answer this if you don’t want. But… did you vote for Hillary?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“That makes this entire conversation I just listened to even funnier!”

Folks. Please. If we know our candidates and who they are running against, we will have a lot less horse manure to deal with. It will always be there. But the way to keep it in check is to make your candidate earn your vote. And every single one – from dog catcher to president – should have to earn your vote. And earning it should require a lot more than knowing their name, party, and what genitals they have.


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