The five essential reasons Hillary lost (no, she can’t blame Comey)

So let’s name and shame the excuses, and be honest about why Clinton failed.

1. Comey and the FBI: If Clinton were right, polling would show a material, persistent drop in support for her after the FBI Director released his letter to Congress. However, that polling data doesn’t exist. In reliably Democratic Michigan, Clinton’s support remained the same. Wisconsin voters didn’t flinch either. (Some have suggested a possible, modest impact but with low confidence in whether it was true.)

But how could the Comey letter not have impacted Clinton? According to the campaign, most voters didn’t trust her well before the second FBI investigation; the negatives of the email story were thus already “baked in.”

2. The Electoral College:  As of Wednesday afternoon, over 4.3 million Americans have signed a petition on to abolish the Electoral College and make Clinton President. After all, they argue, Hillary won the popular vote.

Indeed, abolish the same Electoral College that President Obama won. Twice. Not to mention 14 Democratic Presidents before him.

It’s fair to debate the merits of having an Electoral College. But not because we lost.

3. Campaign Staff:  Bill Clinton reportedly believes that Hillary’s campaign manager Robby Mook is culpable for his wife’s loss. However, if Bill’s argument sounds oddly familiar, it should.  In 2008, partisans complained that Clinton’s campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle (and, later, Maggie Williams) were to blame for the loss to Obama.

In truth, maybe all three were horrible. But that tells us less about Mook, Solis Doyle, and Williams, and more about the Clintons’ inability to hire smart advisers.

Most reasonable people would agree that the buck stopped with Sec. Clinton.

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