White House Statement About Election Results

Via The Hill

The Obama administration has defended the integrity of the presidential election despite fears of Russia attempting to undermine the vote. A statement of confidence in the election as “free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective” came Friday as some liberal opponents of President-elect Donald Trump pushed for recounts in three states.

In its statement, the administration blasted Russian-directed hacking and release of emails from Democratic groups over the summer, according to The New York Times.  “Nevertheless, we stand behind our election results, which accurately reflect the will of the American people,” the statement added.

The statement comes as Green Party candidate Jill Stein pushes for a recount in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, traditionally blue states that went for Trump this year.

Pennsylvania had not gone red since 1988, and Wisconsin not since 1984. And the Detroit Free Press reported Friday that Michigan had finally been called for Trump.

Supporters of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton have backed the recount push, citing some computer scientists who have suggested paper ballots in the states be manually reviewed amid vote hacking fears. The administration said it was “confident in the overall integrity of electoral infrastructure” and that the “elections were free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective.”

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You know it’s insane when Obama is the voice of reason.

As to Trump?



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baltimore-riotersOf course all of this is to help Hillary. Whether Stein was paid off or what the case may be here, she’s a traitor to her own party while also trying to bolster her own party. Stein is hoping to get much needed money for the Green Party, and maybe tip some of the more extreme liberals into leaving the democrats and joining the Green Party. Hillary thinks this will actually accomplish something.

american-flag-burning-oakland-trayvon-600All you need to do is look at my state, NC. We still don’t have a governor. Roy Cooper came out on top, and Pat McCrory is making a scene. We’re at a point now where even people who voted for McCrory are telling him to let it go and try again next time. Like Hillary, he believes there was massive fraud (although McCrory’s claims make more sense then what is going on with Stein and Hillary) and he’s still got a chance. But even his supporters are backing away, and the more counting they do, the higher the vote count gets for Cooper.

Let it go. I know these two and their worshipers won’t. They can’t. And I know they have a long list of why this is the right thing to do and they are justified. It isn’t going to change anything, and even your party leader doesn’t think this is the route to take. Bow out gracefully. Have just a little class. If Trump turns out to be a crap president, guess what?! He’ll be a one term president and you can take another shot at turning America socialist!

bush-effigy-sodaheadWe were angry when Obama won, too. We were looking at massive spending, massive government overreach, loss of control over our own lives, and Constitutional violations. We didn’t burn cities down and shoot cops. We didn’t go into tantrums. We didn’t try to tear apart our political system. There was no kicking and screaming and over dramatics from McCain or Romney or Johnson. Yeah, we bitched and complained, and the Tea Party Patriots were born. But we moved on with our lives. We looked towards the future and how we could fix the problems this would cause and how to get our country back. And we didn’t do it like this.

Basically, grow the f— up.



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