Americans Bought Enough Guns on Black Friday to Arm the Marine Corps

Black Friday is apparently the day to buy guns. Lots of guns!

According to the FBI spokesman Stephen Fischer, Black Friday shattered the single-day record for gun sales – with 185,713 background checks processed in a 24 hour period.  Fischer told Business Insider that nearly 400 more transactions were processed on Black Friday than in 2015.

 Black Friday has predominately been the biggest day of the year for gun sales. Buyers can’t resist the temptation of the deep discounts. Gun ownership still remains a hot topic politically. While many breathed a sigh of relief that a Democrat will not be in the White House, many remain concerned about the potential loss of their Second Amendment rights.

As expected, gun sales skyrocket whenever Washington takes an anti-gun approach or states propose a law to make it harder for gun owners to purchase.

Full article: Americans Bought Enough Guns on Black Friday to Arm the Marine Corps | Tribunist

Aw, did you guys all run out at the same time to get me a gun for Christmas? How sweet! 😉



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