Carrier Will Receive $7 Million in Tax Breaks to Keep Jobs in Indiana

The Indiana governor was offering $7 million over 10 years to encourage the company to keep in the state roughly one-third of the 2,100 jobs it planned to ship to Mexico. United Technologies would also get credit from the state for keeping 300 research and headquarters jobs that it didn’t plan to shift abroad.

Mr. Hayes’ pilgrimage to Trump Tower ended roughly two weeks of intensive talks between representatives of Mr. Pence and United Technologies, the Farmington, Conn., parent of air conditioner and furnace maker Carrier. The agreement was touted by both sides Thursday.

People familiar with the negotiations said the company and Mr. Pence’s team also discussed a wide range of priorities, including United Technologies’ interest in a corporate tax overhaul, and regulations the company feels have been a burden to its business.

Mr. Pence admitted on Thursday that he hadn’t thought the company would reverse course, saying it was clear at a March meeting with Carrier officials that “the die was cast.” Instead of keeping the factory open, he negotiated in the spring for the company to pay back about $1.5 million in city and state incentives.

Full article: Carrier Will Receive $7 Million in Tax Breaks to Keep Jobs in Indiana – WSJ

I know there are a lot of heads exploding right now, but if this keeps people in their jobs, I’m OK with this. Seriously, those people will keep working and putting the money back into the economy of Indiana. Without the tax breaks, they are out of work and no money is going in to the economy from them. Yeah, I’m OK with this.



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