Ohio State Students Aren’t Sure If That Was Really A Terrorist Attack Or Not

Source: Ohio State Students Aren’t Sure If That Was Really A Terrorist Attack Or Not – Chicks On The Right


No. Not all Muslims are bad. I agree. But he was an Islamic extremist. They do exist. Yes, there are extremists in every religion. Those extremists do not define everyone in that group.

But that’s the problem. With people like this, everyone is in a box, and they put you in those boxes based on any number of things, and that defines everything about you. You aren’t allowed to deviate from that box’s definition, and if you do, it is ignored. And they assume everyone else does the same thing. So if one bad guy kills some people in the name of Islamic extremism, obviously everyone assumes every Muslim is going to go on a rampage and kill everyone, right? We can’t define this guy as an extremist or even a Muslim in any way, because that means we have to define every Muslim as an extremist. Apparently, there is no separation.

There is. Back here in reality there is, anyway. You can be a member of a group without being an extremist. And you can be an extremist and be a member of that group, too. That’s generally how it works.

However, you can’t fight your enemy without being able to define your enemy. If you aren’t willing to admit the guy was acting as an extremist, we can’t stop those actions. You must be able to separate and define. In this case, the guy was acting on an extreme view of his religion. Great. With that knowledge, we know what his motivation was. That doesn’t mean that his definition defines so many others. See how that works?

This country is not going to function correctly until we start taking each other at face value instead of taking each other in the box we were placed in.


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