Here’s How Jill Stein Spent Her Recount Money

The Free Beacon reports:

According to a breakdown of expenses contained on the fund’s website, Stein paid nearly $1 million on consultants and staff. The staff payroll tallied $212,500 while consultants pocketed $364,000. Administrative expenses, such as travel costs, ran $353,618. In all, $930,118 was used to pay consultants, staff, and administrative costs.

Filing fees in the three states cost $4,488,939, the group says. Wisconsin filing fees totaled $3,499,689, Pennsylvania fees were $16,000, and Michigan filing fees ran the group $973,250. Legal expenses cost the group $1.6 million.

Paying off staff and consultants to the tune of over $1 million hardly seems in line with her promise that “every dollar” would go toward the recount efforts.

The $7 million raised by Stein was more than double what she had raised during the entirety of her failed 2016 presidential run.

Full article: RIPOFF: Here’s How Jill Stein Spent Her Recount Money | The Sean Hannity Show

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