Donald Trump Is Officially The President-Elect

Donald Trump officially became president-elect Donald Trump shortly after 3:30 pm Monday, as he secured a majority of the Electoral College vote and easily overcame a last-ditch effort by protesters to keep him out of the White House.

Despite efforts to convince Trump electors to deliver a conscience vote for a different candidate, Trump avoided a last-minute collapse and received the clinching 270th vote when Texas’s 38 electoral votes were announced.

Full article: Donald Trump Is Officially The President-Elect | The Daily Caller

I’m kind of taking their word for it here. I’m watching the live tally of electoral votes, and right now it is 4:19 PM and they aren’t showing Texas reporting yet. But either way, I don’t see Texas going away from Trump, and even if she wins every other state this feed is showing as having not reported yet, she wouldn’t have enough to hit that 270 threshold.



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  1. It’s about time! I’m just waiting for Jan.20 so I can watch him getting inaugurated since I got him elected. My vote counted. Least I can do is drink some whiskey and celebrate for this great victory 🎈🍾

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