Even liberals can’t stand MTV’s new anti-white video

Source: Even liberals can’t stand MTV’s new anti-white video [VIDEO] – Red Alert Politics

Apparently, the video is a Twitter video, because MTV isn’t even cool enough to use something like YouTube. LOL! You can see the video at the link above, or this one might work: pic.twitter.com/C9EeIY6wig

First off, I just want to say… MTV did this to seem relevant. Let’s face it, everyone is talking about this video now. And not much talking has been done about MTV lately. It used to be music. Then it was bad reality TV shows. Now, apparently, it’s such a liberal, politically correct hot bed that even MSNBC won’t hang out with it. And considering they have a known ageist issue over there, they probably shouldn’t be talking.

Anyway, let’s break this down! Just for fun!

  1. “America was never great for anyone who wasn’t a white guy.” America has history that, like every other country on Earth, isn’t as pure as the undriven snow. We have had slavery, wars, women’s rights issues, civil rights issues… yeah, as I said, we have a history that includes both good and bad. But do you know what makes America great for everyone, not just white guys? We have admitted, owned up to, apologized, and continue to teach that history in the hopes of it not being repeated. Every group in this country that has been wronged in the past has been given a chance to stand up and become a productive member of society, a chance to live not just a life, but a good life. It isn’t handed to anyone, of course. You have the chance – not the guarantee. You have to put in the effort. But if you do, regardless of gender, race, religion, etc., you, too, could be a wealthy business owner, a wealthy worker, or take part in any aspect of government from town council all the way to president!
  2. “Could we just agree that Black Lives Matter isn’t the opposite of all lives matter?” We do agree on that. 99% of the people in this country believe that every life on Earth is valuable and necessary and should be respected. What we don’t agree on is burning down cities to prove your life is important when someone breaks the law, tries to kill a cop, and dies as a result. We don’t agree that burning drug stores and senior housing gets justice. We don’t agree that calls for murdering cops raises anyone up.
  3. “Blue lives matter isn’t a thing!” Yes, actually. It is. It has to be. As stated above, when you have celebrities telling their worshipers to kill cops because someone you don’t know tried to take a gun from a cop to kill him with, was killed for it, and the cop was found not guilty in a murder, it has to become a thing. When cops are being killed and attacked everyday just because you have decided that, as a minority, you aren’t required to follow the law and are angry because someone said you actually do, then it has to be a thing. When someone has to come in and stop you from BURNING DOWN YOUR CITY because of some perceived injustice, then it has to be a thing.
  4. OK, I’m sorry. Does the African American gentleman not see what has been done to him in this video? He’s the only black male in the video, and somehow he got the role of stupid comic relief guy. Did he not see that as being racist? Because I thought that was pretty damn racist. And according to some replies I’ve seen to this video, that bit of racism wasn’t lost on a lot of other people, too.
  5. “Stop saying “Woke.”” Uh. OK. I have never heard that term used in the manner it was in this video. By anyone. Of any race. Either way, stop telling me what I can and cannot say. This is the United States. I’ll say whatever the hell I damn well please. Thank you, first amendment!
  6. “Learn what mansplanning is… and then stop doing it.” Heh. I’m a white woman and I don’t even know what mansplanning is. Nor do I really care.
  7. “Oh, and if you’re a judge, don’t prioritize the well being of an Ivy League athlete over the woman he assaulted.” I’ll give them that one. That asshat should be in jail.
  8. “We all love Beyonce.” Speak for yourself. “And yeah, she’s black. So she cares about black issues!” And that’s wonderful! I’m happy for her! And I fully support her in speaking out about black issues! As long as that speaking out doesn’t call for violence! And it does. She has called for the killing of cops, and she pushes the Black Panthers, who use violence. That isn’t OK. We don’t kill other human beings because we don’t like what they do for a living. Serial killers do that to prostitutes, is Jack the Ripper a hero, too? And I don’t like anyone who takes on the roll of supremacy over equality. I don’t pretend to be better than anyone else, and you aren’t better than me.
  9. “I’m talkin’ to you, Fox News.” Good for you. Ever watch the channel? Ever watch CNN? MSNBC? Your local news? Or are you just getting your news from MTV and believing what you’re told instead of finding out for yourself?
  10. “Feel free to take Kanye West, though. You guys can have him.” “You know what you did, Kanye.” Yes, he said at a concert that if he had voted he would have voted for Trump. And liberals don’t feel that the black lives of black people who support anyone but liberals are worth as much as the black lives of black people who do what the liberals tell them to. Remember, if you stray from your box, the liberals will tear you down!
  11. “Just because you have black friends doesn’t mean you’re not racist!” What black person is going to remain friends with someone who hates them? Are you calling them stupid? Isn’t that racist? Also, just because you have white friends doesn’t mean you’re not racist.
  12. “We could do a little better in 2017.” “Some of you do a great job. Some of you don’t.” We could start with stopping liberal temper tantrums. Maybe get millennials off the play dough and coloring books. Maybe we could try not having a seizure every time someone disagrees with you. If someone says something you disagree with, you don’t have to silence them, just walk away. Let’s try living with some freedom instead of trying to turn this country into a big government utopia where no one is allowed to think for themselves or speak without written permission. Let’s strive for less violence and more equality. Let’s take a look at some of the big issues that are still out there and need fixing, instead of making up little issues that hit you in the feels and are easy to cry over instead of fix. Let’s get our youth to pull their heads out of their own asses for a few minutes, long enough to see what is going on around them and what the real world entails. Maybe you all could stop being one huge first world problem for a while! That would be a good start!
  13. “2016 is bad. 2017 can’t be worse than this. Because this is bad!” And people like you made it this way. So get your stuff together.

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