Federal Court Releases Weiner Investigation Warrant; Classified Information Was…

Fox News reported:

A federal court on Tuesday released the search warrant documents filed by the FBI to access a laptop used by disgraced ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner and his estranged wife, Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, revealing new details about why the bureau revisited the email case just days before the presidential election.

The FBI’s earlier investigation found “27 email chains containing classified information” that were exchanged between Clinton and Abedin, and investigators wanted to see what was also on the Abedin-Weiner laptop, according to the government affidavit unsealed Tuesday. That laptop, the FBI noted, “was never authorized for the storage or transmission of classified or national defense information,” according to the application for the warrant, which was partially redacted.

The October re-opening of the Clinton investigation sprung from an unrelated case involving Weiner allegedly sexting with an underage girl. During the course of that inquiry, agents discovered the joint laptop and later found emails addressed to and sent from Clinton.

“Out of the 27 email chains, six email chains contained information that was classified as the Secret level at the time the emails were sent, and information in four of those email chains remains classified at that level now,” the application stated.

The agents also wanted  “to determine if classified information was accessed by unauthorized users or transferred to any unauthorized systems.”

As Fox News reported, the affidavit was clear that the warrant was in relation to a “criminal investigation” of Clinton — terminology that Clinton’s camp claimed was incorrect.

Source: Federal Court Releases Weiner Investigation Warrant; Classified Information Was… | The Federalist Papers


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  1. Is there a reason to hold out hope this useless criminal will ever be held accountable for her treason against the United States? I seriously get physically ill when I read of further lies she has clearly been caught in without any apparent punishment. And don’t feed me the crap about at least she didn’t get into the White House! That should be punishment enough! Right! I feel no pity for her. Sorry for my poor Christmas attitude but there it is! Either we have the law or we don’t.


    • I agree. There is certainly something behind all of this, and I don’t know if it is connections, hope of her getting into the White House still and people wanting to keep or get jobs with her, or the trail of bodies behind her. Who knows.

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