Here’s Why A Trump Pardon For Hillary Would End The Clintons

Interesting take.

If Trump pardons Hillary Clinton, he’ll be doing two smart things: First, he’ll be putting an end to an investigation that, thanks to BleachBit and the Clinton code of omertà, is almost certain to go nowhere. The Clintons have millions of dollars to take care of Huma Abedin, the IT guys and anyone else who has definitive proof of criminal activity.


The second benefit of a Clinton pardon is that it gives the grassroots GOP base what it truly wants: A final, incontrovertible verdict of “guilty” for Hillary. Today’s pardon will be history’s acknowledgement that she’s the O.J. Simpson of politics: She’s guilty and got away with it.

The Clintons will absolutely hate a Trump pardon, but what’s Hillary going to do—reject it? Fine. Then President Trump can tweet: “Whatever you say, Mrs. Clinton—I’ll send the special prosecutor right over.” Rejecting a pardon means inviting an investigation. If that’s what the Democrats want, they can’t complain when Jim Jordan and Trey Gowdy spend the next 12 months grilling former Hillary staffers on C-SPAN 3.

A pardon would be a permanent—and well-deserved—stain on the Clinton legacy: “Impeached But Not Convicted” will be married to “Guilty But Pardoned.”

So do it, Donald. Then sit back and watch the fun.

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