Fayetteville State Chancellor says use of N-word was mistake

Fayetteville State Chancellor James Anderson has responded to a video circulating on social media that shows him using the N-word and talking about guns while rapping with a group of students on campus, saying he should not have used the language and it was inappropriate.

Full article and video: Fayetteville State Chancellor says use of N-word was mistake | abc11.com

This isn’t something I would normally post here, but I wanted to talk about this for a moment, because this is something we all need to watch out for.

A lot of people are calling for this man to be fired, calling it a double standard, etc.

He was repeating the lyrics of a rapper, to a song that is commercially available. And do believe in freedom of speech even if you don’t like that speech.

All of that aside, though… I am backing this man up because he was set up. This whole thing was a complete setup, and it could happen to anyone.

His students asked him about his knowledge of rap music, and they encouraged him to rap. Now, a good portion of rap songs include racial slurs, derogatory statements, mention of guns, violence, gangs, drugs, etc. So he picked a song and rapped for his students, thinking this was a chance to bond with them. In the meantime, someone is filming it. Once the filming is complete, suddenly the video goes public and everyone is offended. Now everyone wants him fired.

This man was set up, period.


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