Free Bleeding and the Third Wave Feminist


The above link opens an opinion piece about an actual article about “free bleeding.” You can choose to read that if you so desire, but I won’t subject you to it myself.

For those wanting to know, basically, free bleeding is the act of not using feminine hygiene products during the menstrual cycle. Apparently, a woman’s period is taboo and free bleeding is supposed to help stop that. I want to discuss this, as well as third wave feminism.

On the topic of free bleeding:

  1. Do you pee and poop on yourself, too? Because it isn’t any different. You can argue that until the cows come home, but the bottom line is that period waste is just that… waste. It is a product the body produces for the specific purpose of cushioning a baby in the womb, and when there is no baby when the egg comes down, the lining is shed out of the body. It has become a waste product.
  2. I was not aware that periods were taboo. Yes, I get that they are not discussed as part of casual conversation, and aren’t reacted to the same as if you were talking about what you did this weekend. But we don’t openly discuss our bowel movements, either. Does that mean dropping a deuce is also taboo?
  3. Something stated in the article was about this bringing awareness to the fact that feminine hygiene products are not available all over the world. OK. How? If this is a serious concern to you, then do something about it. You could do something like a GoFundMe or open your own charity to supply third world countries with these products. If you do it right, some of these companies will even donate once in a while, and you may get a deep discount the rest of the time. You could do a lot of good. And it would be tangible. You might even be able to raise enough to get them something they are very concerned with like feminine health.
  4. How much disposable income do these women have, because I can bet it is more than me! Blood is really hard to get out of clothing. So if you are free bleeding, those clothes are basically history. Are you rich enough to replace your wardrobe once a month? If so, how do I get on board with that life?!

Look, as a woman, I can honestly say… women’s rights have come an incredibly long way. Do we have more work to do? Of course! There are still inequalities out there, many of which you don’t realize exist until you get there. And I am all for working on those issues. But free bleeding is not something I am going to get behind. I don’t see it as being an issue at all, let alone a major issue.

What causes all of this? I can use my mother as a case study. My mother isn’t a third wave feminist, but she’s an old school feminist. However, my mother thinks everything is sexist. Any time in my life I had issues at work, it was immediately because I’m a woman. I was being treated unfairly because I am a woman. And when I stopped and said something like, “but it happened to the men, too” or “no, I actually screwed up,” she’d look at me very confused.

But my mother had issues coming up in the world. She’s 67 years old, so I have it better than she does. But she experienced having to go to court because her parents wanted her out of school after eighth grade so she could work and contribute to the family, because, as they said, there was no point in educating a woman. And when the courts said they disagreed and she had to go to high school, her parents wouldn’t pay for uniforms, books, nothing. So she went to school during the day and worked at night.

As an adult, she married late for the time and spent her 20s being introduced to new people as a spinster. After she finally got married, she got pregnant but miscarried… only to be ridiculed and accused of having an abortion. She got pregnant again – with me – and when I was about two years old, her marriage went bad. Having no college education and working in extremely low paying jobs, she wasn’t able to get out. When she tried to get government benefits and help leaving an abusive marriage, she was turned away. So she was forced to stay in a marriage that had gone bad and was abusive. That lasted almost 39 years until my father passed away in April.

Guess what we found out in April?! Oh, goodie! Mom had zero credit!!!! Mom’s credit had been stellar when she married, and they were able to get a mortgage and all based on her credit. But when my dad died… nope! Apparently, anything credit wise during their marriage reflected on my dad’s credit, but not hers. So to help her out, I allowed her to trade my car in towards a new car. Now, I got the car. But mom gets the credit for the car payment because she needs to build her credit back up.

During my dad’s illness, their joint bank account was shut down by the state. Now, I would assume this gets done if the tables are turned, but I don’t know. All that money belonged to both of them. Everything was joint: bank accounts, car titles, the house. But when he got sick and the state stepped in, it was all considered his. She spent over a year terrified that the state was going to lock her out of her own home the way they had locked her out of her own bank account and retirement fund.

Where were the feminists? Free bleeding.

A few years ago, there was a female deputy sheriff that was fired from her job… because she cheated on her husband. He wasn’t a cop, and the other man wasn’t either. She wasn’t using work hours to cheat, either. But the local news pulled out this old law that was still on the books that said that a woman can legally be fired for being unfaithful to her husband. A man couldn’t. Where were the feminists?

Where are the feminists when women cut each other down? I posted a link to twitter just yesterday from Julie Golob where a woman attacked her for being pro-gun by calling her a “man lady.” When I worked at a gun shop, I had a woman tell me I wasn’t a woman because real women don’t carry guns. So let me get this straight, a strong woman who takes her personal safety in hand and learns to take care of herself isn’t a real woman? She’s a “man lady?” The feminists manifesto calls for women to be weak and defenseless?

Where were the feminists when I was working in an extremely male dominated field (armored cars) where the men treated me as though I wouldn’t have been hired if I couldn’t do the job, but the women treated me like I was a freak of nature and actually tried to prevent me from doing my job, because they assumed I couldn’t do it? When they literally told me I shouldn’t be doing “men’s work” and should find a more suitable job for a woman?

So no, I don’t have an issue with the idea of feminism. I do have an issue with third wave feminism that focuses on things that don’t matter and things that make them feel good. I support equality across the board. I support defending both men and women when something is wrong. I believe women are the biggest enemy to women. And I will not take part in third wave feminism to feel good. I’ll keep being me… the chick who can laugh at herself, makes her political choices whether they are in the box or out of it, who takes jobs in male dominated fields if the job appeals to me, etc.

And sorry, but I like underwear and jeans, so I won’t be free bleeding in this lifetime.



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