Border of North Carolina and South Carolina to realign on New Year’s Day


Some families will find their homes move to the other side of the new border entirely, but others aren’t as lucky. One woman will have the new state line go right through her master bedroom.

The homes that will become split by the new border will now have to pay property taxes to both states.

Another family will see their health insurance change with the move from South Carolina to North Carolina.

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So there was a border dispute between the two Carolinas, basically, and it was allowed to be readjusted. The result is above.

This is insane. If your house ended up being cut in half by a readjusted border, you should be grandfathered in to the state you were originally positioned in and pay property taxes only to that state. Paying to both is ridiculous! And I hope they fight it. There is no way out for the people who ended up with that. You can’t sell the property. Who the heck is going to buy a house in both states that requires a double property tax?! Even if the families packed up tomorrow and moved out, leaving the house abandoned, they’d still own the property and have to pay taxes on it. Someone in the comments suggested “accidentally” having a cooking fire, but even if the house is gone, you still own the land and will be taxed accordingly. So what then?

Government at it’s finest.


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