How to stay out of jail after a defensive shooting

I just wanted to share this because it is good information.

His second and third levels are very much on point, especially when he ties it in with the fourth.

Even if you did the right thing, 100%, there are going to be legal issues. And if the legal issues I went through with my mom because of my father are any indication, the stress from dealing with all of that is life changing. There are so many what ifs and possibilities that could come of these legal interactions, that the stress really does change you.

My mom and I spent a year dealing with my father who was becoming more and more… crazy, for lack of a better word. The legal system in NC was not helpful to us, and we spent the entire time wondering if they were going to cut him loose on us, if my mom was going to get access to her money before she lost everything, if the state was going to decide the accounts and house weren’t hers but his and kick her out of the house, if she was going to lose the house to the bank because she didn’t have access to her money…

98% of the issues with my dad didn’t directly involve me, and yet when it was all over, I can tell you, I am a changed woman. I’m not the person I was before this all began. I don’t trust the state government, and I always hate admitting… I don’t trust the police.

Now imagine if you used your firearm for self defense, and now you are worrying if the court is going to decide it was not defense and charge you with murder.Are you going to jail? Are the legal fees going to wipe me out? Is the family going to sue me until I lose everything? Am I going to lose everything? How is this going to effect my entire family? How will this impact the future of my children? Am I going to remain employed or ever find another job again? Will I get on the national media and be torn apart?

That is life changing stress, and unless you have been through it, you don’t understand. But you need to prepare for it. Take this video to heart.

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