Silly Season gets bizarre

The World's Not Enough

As has been covered in the news, Pres. Obama ordered a number of Russian diplomats out of the country, in retaliation for Russian hacking efforts alleged to have helped Donald Trump get elected over Hillary Clinton.

There is no question that Russian intelligence services conduct cyber hacking. Every intelligence organization on earth, conducts hacking. None, more so than US intelligence services.

However, the contention that Pres. Putin wanted to see any Republican become President, is lunacy. Neither Putin, nor his Soviet predecessors ever had a better ally in America, than the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Carter Administration agreed to limit American strategic nuclear weapons while allowing the Soviets to build as many as they wanted.

The Democrat Clinton Administration brokered the 1994 deal stripping Ukraine of its nuclear deterrent; the much maligned Budapest Memorandum. Without which, eastern Ukraine would today be as peaceful as Switzerland, and the Ukrainian flag would…

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