Study: New Jersey ranks No. 1 on list of most moved-from states for 5th year

New Jersey ranks No. 1 on the list of the most moved-from states in 2016, according to a study by the moving company United Van Lines released Tuesday.

It’s the fifth consecutive year the state ranks first.

The study found that 63 percent of moves in New Jersey were moves out of the state.

The No. 1 reason people were leaving New Jersey was because of a job. People also left the state due to retirement, lifestyle, family and health.

The United Van Lines study also found that most people were moving west from the Northeast. The No. 2 state was Illinois, followed by New York.

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Yep. I left NJ because I couldn’t find work up there. I don’t know if it is still the same as it was fifteen years ago, but back then they were more concerned with whether you spoke Spanish than if you spoke English, and if you didn’t speak Spanish you weren’t getting a job.

A lot of folks moved down here because a lot of companies moved down here. My father moved himself and my mother down to follow his job. My mom left her teaching job because she was literally only making about $17,000 a year (in 1999), so it made sense to move for his job than to stay for hers. I came soon after because I couldn’t find a job that matched the cost of living.

My parents sold their house up there and paid for a new house down here the same amount they sold the old one for. The new one was three times the size and had quadruple the land.

The problem now is that these people are leaving NJ and moving elsewhere, dragging their voting records behind them. They don’t see that they voted to turn NJ into what it is.

Take my town here in NC. When I moved here, it was a nice little town. It was somewhat rural and had working farms around. We used to let hunters onto the property all the time. We had everything we needed and nothing we didn’t. It was a marvelous change.

Within ten years, we were covered in strip malls, we literally have five huge grocery stores in a one mile strip of road, and about nine of them in total in a 10 mile town. Homes are being bought out by developers and towns and more strip malls or housing developments go up where one or two homes had originally been. There is gridlock traffic here any time of the day, any day of the week. And what saddens me most is that people used to look you in the eye and say hello when you passed on the street… they don’t anymore. If you say hello to a stranger now, they look at you like you are crazy. Just like they did in NJ. The people have gotten nastier and everyone thinks they are more important than everyone else. Even the simple task of driving to the grocery store takes triple the time and is like mortal combat.

And if you speak out against any of this, they descend on you like a pack of wild animals, because how dare you question their “growth!” And there is no where to go to get away from it because it quickly consuming the entire state.

I never understood the whole “damn yankee” thing, but I do now. Somehow, I managed to assimilate to the way of life down here, but the rest of these fools have not. Now the cost of living has gone so high that people who were born and raised here in houses passed down through the generations can’t afford to live here anymore. And the developers wait, salivating, as they give up and move away or die off, so they can build another strip mall with all the same stores as the strip mall 500 feet away.

So please, people leaving NJ… STOP! You made your bed, lay in it. Leave the rest of us alone!

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