Parents Suing for Mike Brown’s Potential Future Wages, Claim Academic and Medical Records ‘Irrelevant’

The parents of Michael Brown are suing Ferguson, Missouri for the future financial support they have lost due to the death of their son who was shot by police during a confrontation. They are refusing to allow their son’s academic and medical records to be used as evidence.

Michael Brown Sr. and Lezley McSpadden want a St. Louis federal judge to scuttle demands for the documents. They say they’re irrelevant and call the city’s repeated requests harassing.

Harassing? If the basis of your lawsuit is the future financial support lost because of the death of an eighteen year old, there is probably nothing more relevant than his academic and medical records. Suing a municipality and its police for the death of a criminal shot while threatening a patrol officer seems a lot more like harassment. Michael Brown’s death is tragic, but primarily because he didn’t have the good sense to realize that trying to take away a police officer’s sidearm through a patrol car window was a terribly bad idea. Also tragic is that the people whose responsibility it was to teach him that good sense are now trying to use his death and the resulting media circus to get paid.

Brown’s parents are suing the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, its former police chief and the white officer who shot their unarmed, black son during a confrontation. The parents say they’ve been deprived of financial support through their son’s future potential wages.

I for one would be interested to find out what the earning potential is for strongarm theft of tobacco products and repurposing of said tobacco products for cannabis related activities.

Full article: Parents Suing for Mike Brown’s Potential Future Wages, Claim Academic and Medical Records ‘Irrelevant’ | RedState

He didn’t even live with his parents most of his life, did he? Either way, what makes them think they were entitled to any of his future earnings?! Or that he’d give them anything?

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