Liberals issue ‘Privilege Cards’ for white Christian straight males

The company Casa Girl started creating ‘Privilege Cards‘ so that way social justice warriors could tell people directly but not aggressively that he/she/xe doesn’t agree with something that was said and needs to return to their safe space.

Privilege cards can be issued to any of the following: males, white people, those with good socioeconomic standing, Christians, heterosexuals, able-bodied, and citizens.

Full article: Liberals issue ‘Privilege Cards’ for white Christian straight males – Red Alert Politics

This would be an opportunity for someone to market reply cards these. Same front as these, but the back can say something like:

You’ve received this car because your privilege just allowed you to make comments that others can’t make without being attacked and publicly humiliated. You also have the privilege to believe the constitution only applies to people who think what you want them to. Your privilege has allowed you to believe that you and your ideals are far more important than anyone else’s, and therefore you are a higher life form than anyone else in this country. This makes you the poster child for everything you claim to hate. How does it feel?


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