Fools on Parade – The Epic Celebrity Shakening

meryl-streep-2016-meryl-streep-39486024-2000-1335It began last night, and I woke up to it this morning 1000 fold. Meryl Streep said something on TV and it wasn’t nice, about Donald Trump.

This morning, everyone everywhere is talking about it. My RSS feeds are nothing but Streep and Trump’s response. The news people are all about it.

When did her opinion become important?

Really, when did any of these people become more important than the rest of the USA? When did they become important at all?

I don’t care about their whining about moving to Canada, or how they want the electoral college done away with, or how this one is racistsexistislamaphoictransphobicblahblahblah. And no, I don’t care about the two “conservative” celebrities who were glaring at her, either.

We all have an opinion. That includes celebrities. Their opinions may be a little more public than ours, but that doesn’t make them any more important. These people have a career of playing rolls in movies or creating music of various degrees of worth. But we as a society have decided to make people famous for stupid things, and then we worship them like gods.

Now, I could go into the whole history of how at one point actors were looked down upon like the scum of the Earth and any number of other things, but those days are long gone. There is no point in bringing that into the argument since we now have people who are so unfulfilled in their own lives that they feel they must live vicariously through and take direction from celebrities.

I just want to point out that the entire country is what matters. Celebrities don’t write law, pick our politicians, or shape our nation. They just yell the loudest. And that alone does not make their opinion more important than yours or anyone else. Personally, I’m tired of hearing what celebrities have to say about anything, and I don’t care if those celebrities are liberal or conservative. I don’t care.

The rest of us chose our politicians. We chose our president – without the help of California that I really hope does leave the country – and we chose our house and senate. All three are not liberal. Regardless of how much they whine about the president, the house and senate are not liberal, either. So the people have spoken. And in the USA, the people are the most important voices. Yes, that includes celebrities… inside the ballot box. Beyond that, their opinion is no more or less important than anyone else. It’s just that when you say something or tweet something, it doesn’t make my RSS feed.

Can we please, as a nation, stop worshiping celebrities as gods? They aren’t. They are overpaid for a job they do, and not always well. They aren’t as special as they think they are, and we need to stop encouraging them.

P.S. Mr. Trump… you need to stop caring about what they say, too. We chose you. Let them whine. Laugh, and move on.

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